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Advertising 4.0: What You Need To Know

From Asia Global TopStar Standard Group

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Meta: If the term “Adversiting 4.0" never crosses your mind, you're falling behind modern technology. A lack of such knowledge even becomes more distressing for those planning to start up a company.

Advertising 4.0: What You Need To Know

The fourth industrial revolution has penetrated every aspect of our life and has gradually dominated the marketing world.

Human-centric marketing, known as Advertising 3.0, has gone into the past to pave the way for the blend of style and substance as in Advertising 4.0. However, its definition is rather new among business owners, especially novices.

Advertising 4.0 What You need to know • Asia Global TopStar Standard Group

Definition of Advertising 4.0

Advertising 4.0 is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interaction between companies and customers. In the digital economy, digital interaction alone is not sufficient. In fact, in an increasingly online world, offline touch represents a strong differentiation.

Advertising in the Industry 4.0 also blends style with substance. While it is imperative for brands to be more flexible and adaptive due to rapid technological trends, their authentic characters are more important than ever.”

In other words, the action requires the intimacy between humans and machines as well as the online and offline world.

In particular, such a new type of marketing has removed the cultural barrier and showered marketers with information and tools to attract customers and solve problems. What matters is how you exploit its potential and gain profits for your business.

Features of Advertising 4.0


Compared to traditional promoting methods, digital type targets a specific audience's need instead of product sale only. You need to research their interests, thereby finding ways to satisfy them. Out of them, market segmentation has a critical role and can benefit from endless practical modern tools.


In traditional campaigns, communication is one-sided from companies or suppliers, while customers passively acquire their clear messages. Conversely, bidirectional communication is evident in Advertising 4.0.

Online marketing facilitates connectivity between consumers and companies. Besides the standard product information, you can share with your clients about your values and principles instilled into the production of gadgets or problems that may occur during usage.

The process of exchanging information happens almost at once so that you can get prepared for related problems such as customers' dissatisfaction or requests for a refund.

Measurement of results

Advertising 4.0 provides new insight into the measurement of advertising results. Nowadays, you need to enter Facebook Insights and copy the account of advertising projects' effectiveness at your fingertips.


Digital advertising has brought companies and customers together closer than ever, thanks to a shift in focus to customer demands and excellent communication. It's likely to benefit both sides.

Customers can rest assured that they are getting the best out of the purchase, while companies will secure a long-term relationship with them. This contrasts with traditional marketing, in which the focus on sales threatens to decrease loyalty.

Before you leave

To dominate any industry or field, you'd better set the trend instead of following others' footsteps, and Advertising 4.0 is no exception.

Find a reliable agency specialized in building top-notch advertising strategies, and you will get your ambition fulfilled.

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