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Financial Accounting: Everything you must know about!

What is Financial Accounting?

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The phrase “Financial Accounting” perhaps is no stranger to many people, but do you understand what Financial Accounting is? Or why is it important in every business?

If you are still confused and wish to deepen financial accounting and financial systems, our article today will share all of that and explain why it is indispensable in business. 

Stay tuned and read on right away!

What is Financial Accounting?

What Is Financial Accounting?

Financial accounting is a branch of accounting that includes a process of gathering, reporting transactions related to business operations.

Financial accounting reflects the reality, and capital and asset-related changes of the enterprise in a general form. Also, it reflects material and monetary flows in the relationship between the enterprise and the external economic environment.

The main works of financial accounting include strict compliance with laws, the general provisions of the accounting law, the accounting regime, providing information to shareholders, tax authorities, etc. 

What Is A Financial System?

The financial system is a network of financial intermediaries (commercial banks, savings and lending institutions, insurance) and financial markets (stocks, bonds) on which people trade different financial types (bank deposits, treasury bills, stocks, bonds) related to exchanges of funds. 

The financial system includes main components as follows:

        Public finance (including the state budget and off-budget funds)

        Business Finance

        Financial market (including money market and capital market)

        International finance

        Household and personal finance

        Finance social organizations

        Intermediary financing (including credit, insurance)

The Role of Financial Accounting In Business

Financial Accounting plays an integral part in any business. A robust financial accounting system, clear accounting documents, profound analysis assist the executive make optimal business decisions. On the other hand, it grants the tax finalization for the authorities quickly, creating good conditions for production and business activities. Thus, misleading accounting information is the likelihood of improper management decisions; the enterprise might run into a tough situation.

Specifically, when operating in an enterprise, Financial Accounting will assume the following roles:

        Help enterprises to regularly track their production and business activities: production process, market monitoring, etc. As a result, the manager operates activities smoothly, controls the internal effectively

        Provide documents for businesses as a basis for planning action projects for each period. Thereby the manager calculates work efficiency, outlines the direction for the future. Implementing information management systems to promote the implementation of management's strategies, plans, and decisions

        Manage expenses based on detailed planning and budgeting, minimize unexpected expenses

        Risk management and insurance implementation for businesses

        Regularly update financial data and shareholders-related information interior and exterior the company (new rights and responsibilities, legal documents, creditors, banks, investors), aiming to create the highest reliability from the partners for businesses


The above is about what financial accounting is and its importance in every business, if being an accountant in any enterprise, you should grasp. We sincerely hope that today’s post will be useful to you!